What is Drapp?

Drapp is an online platform that connects patients to their selected doctor for medical guidance on-the-go. Through Drapp mobile application and with the help of our virtual assistant (Drapp Bot), you will be able to make a formal consultation from the comfort of your home, while sitting at your desk or when you are on-the-move... At the end of the consultation, your doctor bills the case and you can proceed with easy and secured online payment.

What illnesses can be treated using Drapp?

As per the American Medical Association, 75% of doctor visits can be handled safely and securely by phone or video. So basically, Drapp platform can be effective for many common illnesses.

Some of the common illnesses that can be treated without a hands-on examination include: allergies, bronchitis, cough, diarrhea, fever, flu, insomnia, itchy eyes, nausea, respiratory infections, and so many more ...

Emergency cases or seriously ill patients should not be using an online platform.

Who are the Doctors available on Drapp platform?

Doctors on Drapp platform are licensed and certified physicians from different specialties.

They all passed through Drapp review process and cannot appear on our platform till we make sure of their identity, syndicate registration and certificates.

Do I have to pay to use Drapp?

The registration on Drapp platform as well as the download of Drapp mobile application is free.

You only pay for the consultation made with a doctor on Drapp. We offer a simple pay-per-consultation pricing model. Considering criteria such as complexity and/or time, your selected doctor is the one billing the consultation upon three prices options: “Simple” (lowest fee), “Complex” (highest fee) or “No charges” (free).

And before sending a consultation request to your doctor, you can check his/her pricing bracket, knowing that each doctor applies his/her own prices.

How do I pay?

Once the consultation is completed and in case your doctor decides to bill the consultation, either it is a “simple” fee or a “complex” fee, you will be asked to proceed with a payment online via a secured payment gateway. We accept VISA, MasterCard and Web Card.

Before sending a request for consultation on Drapp, we will show you the doctor’s pricing bracket and you will be asked to pay only at the end of the consultation.

Is my health information private on Drapp?

Yes, patient’ safety and privacy is our first concern. We do not disclose our patients’ personal data or any health-related talks/chats. We make sure that Patient’s personal information is received and stored securely and not exposed directly to hackers.

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