Connect. Consult. Pay.

Drapp is an online platform allowing doctors to give formal consultations to patients, from anywhere, anytime!
All you need to do is to download Drapp messaging app, connect with Drapp Bot, then starting a medical conversation is just few taps away.

Step 1

Download Drapp messaging app and connect with Drapp bot

Step 2

Start chatting. Drapp bot will guide through the whole experience

Step 3

Choose a doctor by entering his/her ID or name
NB: The list of available doctors is accessible in "Doctors Hub" section along with their IDs

Step 4

Once a doctor is selected, Drapp bot relays your request to the chosen physician.

Step 5

Once doctor accepts your request, you can start asking questions and get medical guidance on-the-go

Step 6

At the end of the consultation, the doctor closes and bills the case, with three pricing options (Simple, Complex or No charges)

Step 7

Pay consultation and rate your overall experience