Keep the link with patients here and abroad and provide billable consultations through different mediums for cases that don't necessarily need a physical examination


Consult with your own doctor, wherever you are, using Drapp messaging app


Decrease waiting time and save space in out-patients clinics, reduce infection rate and bring better care to remote areas

In few words

Drapp messaging app connects patients to their chosen doctors for formal and secured consultations on-the-go. The app integrates a chatbot who guides users through the whole conversation for a smooth and convenient experience.

Your chosen doctors

Not any available doctor! Drapp role is to connect patients to their own doctors

Dedicated & Secured App

Drapp offers a dedicated messaging app for secured and intuitive medical guidance on-the-go

Pay per consultation

Based on patient case and on its complexity, doctors bill consultations


Drapp was selected for the Fifth
acceleration program with Speed@BDD
MoU agreement signed to promote
Telemedicine to the community
Sahel General Hospital
MoU agreement signed to facilitate
digital health service to patients
Lebanese Ministry of Public Health
Drapp was endorsed by the MOPH during Beirut International Healthcare Industry Forum (2017)