Grow your practice digitally with DRAPP

'I used Drapp to consult with my orthopedic surgeon. The experience on the app was great and it was so
helpful to be able to get a formal consultation with my own doctor from abroad.
I would recommend other doctors to provide such service to their patients!'

Elie Karam, GM of a printing house
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Keep the link with patients here and abroad and provide billable consultations through Drapp messaging application

Set your own pricing and provide complementary consultations whenever needed

'Drapp withholds a percentage from the above consultation fees'

Choose when to accept a request for consultation within your preferred typical response time

Think of Drapp as your assistant, outside of the clinic

  • Drapp integrates a chatbot which facilitates the connection with your patients and manage the billing process

Access and manage your profile via a personal dashboard

  • Edit pricing and typical response when needed
  • View list of pending and previous consultations
  • Check balance (monthly due revenues)

Guidelines when to use Drapp:

  • If you have a previous established doctor/patient relationship
  • For follow-up cases
  • For common non-emergency illnesses
  • For second opinion based on documentation
  • Request clinic appointment and physical examination when needed
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